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Human Resources

Believing that human resources are the most important capital in global competition conditions, our company is based on the following principles in its human resources policy.

Honesty: Displaying fair, transparent and ethical behavior in communication within the company and with customers

Responsibility: Fulfillment of the undertaken duties in line with company goals and meeting customer expectations

Productivity: Increasing productivity with high motivation and continuous improvement

Sustainability: Increasing company loyalty by ensuring that our employees can look to their future with economic and social security.

Our recruitment process starts with the evaluation of the applications sent to our company electronically. Candidates are invited to job interviews after the selection of resumes suitable for open positions.

For application to our company, you can fill the form below and send it to us.

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There are currently no active job postings.
Our recruitment process starts with the evaluation of applications sent electronically. For application, you can visit our page and leave a form.


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