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Our products, which are demanded in many countries of the world, are produced with the assurance of ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System.

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Curtain Extender

Curtain extrafor is a narrow woven fabric sewn on the upper part of the curtains in order to give the curtains the desired curl and to make these folds look modern.

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Polyester Curtain Tape

All of our products are sent to the domestic and foreign markets as ANTEKS and CTS brands.

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Transparent Curtain Tape

Two extras, polyester and transparent, are produced in desired widths and sizes.

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Hook & Loop Tape

It has become the leading Velcro fastener manufacturer of our country with its Velcro Band machines.


With its R&D department, it has increased its production capacity over time, increasing the number of curtain extras produced to 250.



Some of the countries to which we export our products and to which we cooperate with are listed below.

Polyester Curtain Tape

Please visit our polyester curtain extrafor page to examine the polyester curtain shirring models and get a price quote.

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Transparent Curtain Tape

Please visit our products page to get a price quote and transparent curtain tape types.

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Hook & Loop Tape

It has become the leading Hook & Loop Tape fastener manufacturer of our country with its Hook & Loop Tape machines.

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Our zipper range is metal, coil and vislon with perfect production standards. Get quotes for wholesale and export.

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Anteks polyester curtain tape, transparent curtain tape, Hook & Loop Tape, zipper products and more

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